Covid-19: Some Devotional Resources

NWBA is gradually putting together and offering various resources to help and support people during the current Coronavirus crisis. On this page we have brought together some resources to help you reflect and pray personally or that you may wish to share with friends and family who would value them.

A message from Phil Jump
Without diminishing the scale of the current crisis and the real tragedies that many are facing Regional Minister, Revd Phil Jump, reflects on how isolation can be a spiritually beneficial experience and how God can be particularly present when people are alone and under strain.

To Remember and Give Thanks
This short video is based on the Baptist Funeral Service and is offered as a short service that can be watched at home by those who cannot attend funeral and thanksgiving services as they normally would.

Two minutes to Remember
This 2 minute video invites you to take two minutes to look beyond the news stories and statistics and to take 2 minutes to recognise the real people whose lives are represented by those statistics. It offers a short prayer that you can pray in the silence.

The Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer or the 'Our Father' is probably the most well known in the Christian tradition, and offers a familiar pattern for those who are struggling to pray. This video offers some brief reflections around each of it's statements.

An outline for personal and shared prayer
This video is designed either for personal use while not able to attend usual gatherings or as a guideline if you are seeking to arrange some form of online prayer gathering.

Reflection - Romans11:33-35
Regional Minister, Revd Phil Jump, advises against claiming to know what God is doing in these current circumstances and reflects on the harm that can cause to those most impacted by them.

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