Advent - The Candle of Joy

We light this candle as one of celebration;
Not because every evil has been conquered or every trial overcome,
But because the mark of God’s coming
Is indelibly stamped in the history and destiny of this world.

There is a Kingdom that will prevail,
Long after this world’s struggles have subsided.
A Kingdom whose doorway has been flung open,
And the light of Christ points us to its threshold.

We kindle a flame to show our desire,
That this Kingdom’s dawn should be made known;
To draw the eyes of those who long for a better world,
To the place where every such hope can be fulfilled.

We join with those who declare the certainty of God’s promise,
Revealed in new-born child and Servant King.
And so we seek to pursue the ways of this Kingdom,
Confident that its sovereign will one day come again.

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