Candy Canes

Inspired by our friends on Yorkshire, we've been giving away Candy Canes at some of our recent gatherings. But there's more to this popular Christmas novelty than meets the eye.

Candy canes are a familiar feature of Christmas, but did you know that they were originally made to be given to children in Christmas church services. A German sweet-maker crafted them as a gift to the younger attenders, but made to resemble a shepherd's crook. The child Jesus, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas, was described by ancient prophets as someone who would be a Shepherd to God's people - another name by which he was to be known was Emmanuel, which literally means 'God with us'.

So this simple Christmas sweet can serve to remind us that God is our Shepherd - that God is with us whatever this season brings.

May you know God’s peace and presence - the Good Shepherd with you in this season.
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