Journeying through Lent

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Thanks for finding our Lent page. We hope that this collection of resources, put together over a number of years will be of help and encouragement to you as you journey through this significant season in the Christian Calendar.

This is a season when we are invited to find time and create space to reflect on our values and priorities in the light of what our faith teaches us about God's Kingdom. It takes as its framework the 40 days and nights of prayer and fasting that Jesus spent in the desert.

New Resources for 2023

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Emerging from the Desert

2022 was something of a strange year because Lent in the UK coincided with the easing of many of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. In a season when we might normally limit and curtail our life and activities, people were largely being released from such things. It was that gave rise to the title 'Emerging from the Desert' Follow this link to find out more.

Readings for Lent

A series of readings designed around the Sundays in Lent can be found through this link. You can use them in church services or to help you reflect on your own around some of the classic Lent readings.

Service for Maundy Thursday

We are grateful to Carolyn Urwin who along with members of Latchford Baptist Church have put together our shared services of reflection for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

(Scroll down for services for Good Friday)

Service for Maundy Thursday

Service for Good Friday