Book of Remembrance

During this challenging time of isolation, many of us have lost loved ones, not just to Covid-19 but to other causes too. Because of restrictions we are unable to express our grief in the usual ways. Perhaps we weren’t able to attend a funeral, or gather with loved ones to comfort each other, or to access belongings or photos of our loved ones that may help with processing our grief.

I lost my Mom at the end of March to Covid-19. A friend also lost her Mum to the virus a couple of weeks later. I suspect there are many loved ones and friends known to those in our churches and communities across the North-West who have passed on at this time. This Book of Remembrance is a place to simply record their names, recognize their lives and their passing, and encourage all across the Association to pray for the families and friends of those listed here.

I will update this book once a week. Anyone across our region is welcome to submit a name to be included, whether or not the loved one was in the North West. If you would like someone to be included, please email me at In your grief and your loss may you know the amazing peace of the Prince of peace.

Jane Henderson

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