Covid-19 Being faithful and responsible

These are difficult and disturbing times, and while we have to deal with the fears and disruptions of the Coronavirus pandemic, we might be asking deep Spiritual questions too? Is God punishing us? Will God protect us? What might God be saying to us through what is happening?

This is not a time for thoughtless responses or quick answers. We might be tempted to draw verses from Psalms that speak of God looking after us, but we need to be careful how we use them. If we claim that God will look after our own, what does that say about the people who mourn and suffer in the coming days? There will be good people who are struck down by this virus and we need to remember that the same Psalm writer also asked 'How long, Lord will the wicked be jubilant?' If we make claims about what will not happen, what are we then saying about those affected by things that do?

We found this beautiful worship song that simply declares 'He will hold me fast'. You might find brings you some comfort and inspiration in these difficult days. We often speak of Jesus as 'The incarnate God' - God has reached from eternity into our human existence as Emmanuel - God with us.

As you hear those words 'He will hold me fast' try to keep that picture in your mind of God reaching from eternity to hold and support us through these troubling times. 'He will hold me fast' says something far deeper than simply - 'don't worry, God will protect us from Covid-19' but rather 'Whatever happens on this earth, God has reached from eternity and will hold us fast, beyond every human circumstance, even life itself.

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