We also looked together at a story from the life of Jesus, recorded in the Bible, when he asked his followers to take him in their boat across the lake.

A violent storm blew up, and even though some were experienced fishermen they were terrified. Yet despite their peril, Jesus remained asleep in the boat. We used music to think about the different feelings they must have had. We came up with words like - fear - confusion - afraid they would die - terror. We recognised that we too can sometimes face experiences that generate feelings like this.

Eventually they woke Jesus, and he commanded the wind and waves to be still. They were amazed, yet Jesus challenged them and asked why they could not trust the fact that he was with them in the boat. We used this short reflection to help us recognise that reality for ourselves.

Sometimes God raises his voice,
And commands the wind and the waves to be still,
And sometimes he invites us,
To find strength and security
From knowing he is with us in the storm.

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